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VIVIS - you are alive.

And only once! So live! Don’t let yourself live Live healthy and happy. This is our motto:

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Live healthy, satisfied, happy and youthful! We’ll help you with that. You’ve come to the right place if:

รœber uns - Vivis: Viviane Schmitz
รœber uns - Vivis: Viviane Schmitz
รœber uns - Vivis: Sascha

Live healthy and happy

Work with us

VIVIS Health Lounge, St. Moritz

We warmly welcome you to our exclusive VIVIS Health Lounge. Whether training, discussions or therapy: together we will create your health plan. We have furnished our VIVIS Health Lounge with great attention to detail and high quality. Come in and feel good!


Sustainability is important to us, even if we can’t see each other in person. We can do that online. Whether as a follow-up, as a supplement to training alone, a motivational boost or just to calm down: we are there for you. Or you can use one of our online offers for yourself.

on Tour

We have been traveling with them personally for many years. The advantage: an insight into everyday life and daily routines enable even more individuality. Enjoy the freedom of a tailor-made and continuous offer, wherever you are – without having to constantly explain everything anew due to constant changes of coaches.

VIVIS - These are

Viviane Schmitz

Positive! Power! Posture!

My name means “the living one”. And that describes me in a nutshell.

In my work I combine sports science, physiotherapy, relaxation pedagogy, back training techniques and Pilates with coaching elements from NLP and supervision.

All this has made me a posture expert, because when physical and mental posture become a team: then you live!

For 25 years people have trusted my mix and the rather unconventional way of communicating health and quality of life.

Efficient, versatile, with fun

“Health is less a condition than an attitude. And it thrives on enjoying life.” (Thomas von Aquin)

Sascha Holsten

Motivation! Fun! Athletic!

Sport is just my thing. I used to play badminton at an international level and took part in various triathlons (lronman), the highlight of which was definitely the World Championships in Kona/Hawaii. Now I have discovered my love for golf and within two years I went from handicap to single handicap. I am happy to pass this experience on to others.

I love to motivate. My focus as a sports scientist and personal trainer is athletic training, functional training and strength training. As an endurance expert, I also offer performance diagnostics.

My slogan: 

Keep moving forward and have fun!

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