For a clear mind and a strong mindset

Mental Coaching

With your strong mindset you will achieve your goals.

Your body hears what you tell it. That can be sabotaging. It can also provide positive support. How motivated do you wake up in the morning? How do you face new situations, new challenges? Mindset and motivation offer you great opportunities.

Mental Coaching um deine Ziele zu erreichen

"Mindset is a bitch" and at the same time your greatest resource.

Withstand challenges. Believe in yourself. Be self-confident and support yourself wherever possible!

These are our coaching focal points

    • Posture
    • target frame
    • wheel of life
    • breathing
    • resources
    • visualize
    • affirmations
    • Framing
    • Pilates (mat or reformer)
    • kinesis
    • TRX
    • boxing
    • Weight training, kettlebells
    • Training with small equipment such as balls, bands, etc.
    • All kinds of coordination materials
    • Endurance training (spinning, treadmill, recline ergometer)
    • and more

Our coaching is based on the principles of NLP (neuro-linguistic programming), elements of supervision and relaxation pedagogy. They take place in the VIVIS Health Lounge in St. Moritz. We can also visit you at home or travel to you in person or virtually (online). Our service is international.

Mental Coaching um deine Ziele zu erreichen

Increase your health & happiness level

We help you to achieve your goals


of experience

It started in the 1990s. Studying sports science and what has followed since then meanwhile decades of training and experience in the areas of training, health, coaching, motivation and well-being. A passion that we would like to share with you.



rehabilitation and prevention
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mental coaching



Whether you are 18 or 85 years old. Whether you are an athlete, in business, enjoying your golden years. Whether you simply want to invest in yourself as a preventive measure, are recovering from an injury or are pursuing an ambitious goal: Come and join us! Well-known decision-maker from the economy, famous personality, you? We look forward to you!

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