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You are looking for support
in setting up your training area or oasis of well-being?

Would you like to set up a training area in your home, in the gym or in the hotel? How? Where? Which equipment makes sense – especially for you? Did you think of everything?


We advise you - privately and commercially.

Rely on our proven expertise and create your space for health and well-being. Because it is not only important how you train, but also with what and where.

We have been traveling at home and abroad for 12 years, traveling with customers, getting to know their home gyms, the equipment on their boats, seeing many hotel gyms and not only that: we also use them.

Our experience is therefore first-hand and not just since yesterday. Whether it’s a gym, hotel gym or private oases of well-being in your own home or on the boat: we are happy to offer our support.

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Increase your health & happiness level

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of experience

It started in the 1990s. Studying sports science and what has followed since then meanwhile decades of training and experience in the areas of training, health, coaching, motivation and well-being. A passion that we would like to share with you.



rehabilitation and prevention
back health
mental coaching



Whether you are 18 or 85 years old. Whether you are an athlete, in business, enjoying your golden years. Whether you simply want to invest in yourself as a preventive measure, are recovering from an injury or are pursuing an ambitious goal: Come and join us! Well-known decision-maker from the economy, famous personality, you? We look forward to you!

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